How big are they?

Our Couch Kit measures 90” long and 36” deep. The seating height is 18” and the height from the floor to the top of the highest cushion is 30”.

The Armchair Kit and Loveseat Kits have the same depth and height, but they measure 30" and 60" long respectively.

What are the cushions made of?

The entire pack of cushions only uses micro suede fabric, polyurethane foam, and a zipper on each cushion.

Are the covers machine washable?

Yes. We’ve gone through a few iterations of the zipper design so that they would be as easy as possible to remove and wash. Please use a delicates cycle running on cold to preserve the colors.

How durable are they?

We know these cushions are going to be subjected to just about every form of rough play you can imagine, so we tried our best to make sure they’ll last as long as possible. We’re also planning on offering individual blocks and covers for sale as replacements, so no more need to play the cushion flipping game when you run out of extra lives after the second spaghetti sauce incident.

Are they fun?

You kiddin' me?

How do I get one?

We’re going as fast as we can. Currently we have some prototypes that we’re sharing with interested families in and around Pittsburgh (CoViD precautions taken), so if you’re in the area, let us know! We’d love to share it for a few days and you can let us know what you think in person. Other than that, we’re getting prepared for a Kickstarter launch. The more we hear about people excited to pre-order, the sooner we’ll be able to get that rolling.